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venres, 22 de novembro de 2013

News from Salduero

Our English camp. Day 2

Today we got up at 8.00, we had breakfast, brushed our teeth and at 9.00 we had free time. At 9.30 we went to class with Bob and Charlie. Then we did a gymkana around Salduero with GPS in different groups. Group 1 won.
At 14.00 we had lunch, then we had free time and at 15.30 we went to class again with Bob and Charlie, to do our Eco-project. We are four groups and we are doing political parties: Goal, Spice, Agile, Gringo and Cake.
At 18.30 we went to class with our teachers Uxía and Monse, then we called our parents and had a shower.
At 21.00 we had dinner and then we played a very funny game about films. At 23.00 we went to bed.
Jorge, Álvaro, Alba, Marta, Rubén, Joely, Lara, Mayra, Iago, Claudia, Paula, Hernán and Xabi

Our English camp. Day 3
Today we did lots of things… It was a really long day! We made little boats with natural things, leaves, etc. Then we made a race with them.
In the afternoon we sang a lot of songs. With our teachers we played a game with cubes. This helped us to see the differences between rich and poor countries.
After dinner we played a music game called “Furor”. In this game we had to sing and dance. The teams were girls and boys. The boys were the winners.
Sonia, María, Ángel and Quique

Our English Camp. Day 4

Today it snowed, and after class we walked to Molinos de Duero and, in a park, we played with the snow. Later we watched a film or worked with pasta. Before lunch we sang Bungalow, Ronald McDonald and other songs, the same we do every day.In the afternoon, after the ecoproject we had class with Uxía and Monse. Later, we did an Environment Gymkana. We had to make a paper cup and water a plant and fold a blanket with ten people standing on it or move a biscuit from our forehead to our chin, moving only our face, for example. With these games we got parts of a code we needed to solve a secret message.

Álvaro, Jorge, Alba, Marta, Iago, Rubén, Lara, Mayra

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